Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spence: Nixon veto a blow to religious liberty

As you might expect, businessman Dave Spence, a Republican candidate for governor did not approve of Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of SB 749. His news release is printed below.

Dave Spence, Republican candidate for governor, expressed frustration that Governor Jay Nixon vetoed important legislation that would have protected Missourians’ religious liberties by ensuring that health coverage is made available in ways that do not violate some Missourians’ religious beliefs.  SB 749, sponsored by Senator John Lamping, states that no employee or employer shall be compelled to obtain or provide health care coverage if the health plan contains certain items or procedures that are contrary to the religious beliefs or moral convictions of such employee or employer.   

                “I’m proud of Senator Lamping and the members of the Missouri House and Senate who recognized that religious liberty is a cornerstone of our constitution and form of government,” said Spence.  “Jay Nixon should have put his pro-choice beliefs aside and signed this important legislation. Jay Nixon chose to stand with President Obama and radical pro-choice advocates instead of the overwhelming number of Missourians who do not want Obamacare, who do not want our religious liberties infringed upon, and who are tired of the federal government overreaching and overregulating.” 

                Jay Nixon is a liberal politician who has repeatedly refused to do his job because of his pro-choice beliefs. [1]  Even during his time as governor, Jay Nixon has refused to sign pro-life legislation and made a habit of letting bills go into law without his signature because he feared the political consequences of taking action. [2]

                Missouri has a career politician as governor, and the squandered opportunities and failed results speak for themselves.  During Jay Nixon’s time in office, our state has fallen to the bottom of the barrel in job creation, higher education funding and economic recovery.  To get our state growing again, Missouri needs a bold leader who understands that we need to get government off the backs of job creators and foster an environment that leads to growth in the family supporting jobs we need.  We also need a governor who will stand up for our fundamental rights like religious liberty.

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