Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Huff: Community supports paying $15,000 for Facebook jobs

The community is behind the Joplin R-8 Administration's decision to pay $15,000 in $1,000 stipends for people to update the Facebook pages at each school, according to Superintendent C. J. Huff

In a posting on the KSNF website, Huff explained the reasons the positions were added:

Each school will have a point person to keep the pages current. 
"So that parents get the most up to date information about what's happening inside those schools," said Dr. Huff. 
Administrators claim having someone on the inside is the best way to communicate. 
"The information that gets posted is best posted on the local level, at the school building level. Having a way to not only communicate internally with the building but externally with their parents," said Dr. Huff. 
Each communicator will be paid an extra thousand dollars for their work. Administrators say the community supports the board's decision to reestablish the positions.
The creation of the positions was first announced in the July 17 Turner Report.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that these building level Facebook liaisons are nothing more than another buffer between individual schools and admin. All of the gripes, grunts, and grumps will go to the schools rather than calls to the district admin, or so they hope.

Anonymous said...

No one asked THIS community member about paying $15,000 to communicate via Facebook. I would have suggested allowing high school journalism students to update social media as hands-on learning opportunities. This win-win solution is student focused and fiscally responsible. (Better yet, put that $15,000 toward college scholarships for students who assume those roles.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the community does approve of increased communications. However, after reading the blog commentary for several months now, I'm fairly convinced the community would be happier if that money was invested in teachers or materials. Perhaps this could be done by the plethora of employees at the MODOT building.