Sunday, March 30, 2014

Joplin Progress Committee report- $5,000 to Woolston campaign, $12k in spending

The final candidate to be endorsed by the Joplin Progress Committee, incumbent City Councilman and former mayor Mike Woolston received $5,000 in contributions, according to the eight-day-before-election report filed this morning with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The Progress Committee made separate $2,500 contributions to the Re-Elect Woolston, the Tornado Mayor Committee on March 12 and March 26, according to the report.

Since the 40 days before the election report, the committee raised $8,250 and spent $12,205.58, leaving it with $2,993.27 in the bank.

In addition to the earlier contributions of $5,000 to the other four city council candidates besides Woolston it is supporting and the $1,000 contributions to favored Joplin R-8 Board of Education candidates, the committee contributed $723.06 apiece to R-8 candidates Jeff Flowers, Randy Steele, Shawn McGrew, and Lynda Banwart that is not included in the report since it took place after the end of the filing period.

In addition to money given directly to the candidates, the Progress Committee spent money on materials supporting the candidates they endorsed, including two, Jeff Koch for school board and Miranda Lewis for City Council who accepted the endorsements, but would not accept direct contributions.

The committee spent $275.68 apiece supporing Shawn McGrew and Randy Steele on March 17, $123.46 apiece supporting Ryan Stanley, Miranda Lewis, Mike Seibert, Mike Woolston, Gary Shaw, Lynda Banwart, Jeff Flowers, Jeff Koch, Shawn McGrew and Randy Steele on March 26; another $299.88 on the same day for all of those candidates, and $21.56 apiece for the candidates on March 20.

Those contributing to the Joplin Progress Committee during the filing period are listed below:

Harry Cornell, Carthage, retired $500
Sara Newman, Joplin, retired, $250
Cynthia Schwab, Joplin, $250
Clifford Wert, Webb City, $250
Dr. Lance Beshore, Joplin, $250
Sharon Beshore, Joplin, $250
Kraft Insurance Agency, Joplin, $250
Bennie Crossland, $750
Vintage Stock, Joplin, $500
TroJen Properties, Joplin, $250
Michael Wiggins, Webb City, Granny Shaffer's $250
Infinity Publishing, Webb City, $250
Charles Kuehn III, Joplin, Four State Homes $500
Jerrod Hogan, Joplin, $250
Troy Hill, Joplin, BKD, $250
Henry Robertson II, Joplin, retired $250
Veri Properties LLC, Carl Junction, $250
J. Hipple Investments, Joplin, $250
Gary Brown, Joplin, BKD, $500
Keller Williams of Southwest Missouri Disaster Relief Fund, Joplin, $1,000
Logan Stanley, Joplin, Edward Jones, $250
Gary Pulsipher, Joplin, Mercy Hospital, $250
Robert Morton, Joplin, Zimmer US, $250
James Hicklin, Joplin, Abbey Title, $250
Home Builders Association of Southwest Missouri, Joplin, $250
Bennie Crossland, Crossland Construction $223.46 (in-kind)
Choice Marketing, Joplin, $110 (in-kind)
Sign Designs, Joplin, $128 (in-kind)

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