Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kander comments on Repubicans' vote to cut funding for Election Integrity Unit

(From Secretary of State Jason Kander)

Secretary of State Jason Kander today released the following statement on the Missouri House of Representative’s vote to strip funding from his office’s Elections Integrity Unit:

"I am disappointed that Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives are less interested in protecting the integrity of our elections than I am. I started the Elections Integrity Unit to investigate both voter fraud and voter access issues. It has been a great success, which is one of the reasons why the House Budget Committee voted unanimously to fund the unit.

 Everything the Elections Integrity Unit examines is online and accessible so Missourians can see the work my office is doing to keep our elections secure and fair. This decision by House Republicans shows that they are more interested in scoring political points than actually doing anything to take on voter fraud and voter access issues. I am hopeful that the Senate will restore funding to the Elections Integrity Unit to show Missourians that this state has zero tolerance for voter fraud."

More information about the Elections Integrity Unit—including its reporting procedure and copies of its completed reviews—is available at on Kander’s website.

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