Thursday, March 20, 2014

Former League City official: My resignation had nothing to do with Mark Rohr

Former League City, Texas, Assistant City Administrator David Benson, who resigned recently, posted the following comment on the article in which his departure was noted:

I just became aware of this post and related comments earlier this week and feel it's important that I let you know my choice to leave League City's employ had nothing to do with Mark Rohr's hiring. If it did, I wouldn't have given notice in a manner that keeps me in League City past Mark'ss arrival (during the three weeks I'm to work for him, I plan to do everything I can to foster success for him and League City). 

Beyond that, I would never make such an important life decision based on what people say about someone on the Internet, because it's always possible that folks can get things wrong (as an example, the individual who speculated that I was disappointed in not being selected for the job is incorrect -- I didn't apply for the job, and so I would have been very surprised to have been selected).

 I'm not here to engage or provoke anybody; I just don't want my decision to be misinterpreted as any kind of reflection on Mark's pending arrival. I wish him and League City all the best. And as someone whose family comes from places like Carl Junction and Quapaw and Picher (a generation or so back), I wish the same for the people of Joplin as you continue recovering from the horrible tragedy of 2011. Good luck as you go forward.


Anonymous said...

David Benson seems like a very nice person and he is luckier than the man that lost his Titanic boarding pass

Anonymous said...

I retrack my statement that at least one of them had a brain.

Anonymous said...

He has to work with Rohr for three weeks, with Rohr's track record what do you expect him to say. I will pray for him.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that someone hundreds of miles away would get wind of the turner article about his resignation and the speculation surrounding it. And then the need to set the record straight with total strangers. "I plan to do everything I can to foster success for rohr". "I just became aware of this post" makes you wonder who brought it to his attention and why he would be so thoughtful to try set the record straight for no apparent reason.

My point is that it appears that League city made a mistake by not offering the job to a man of integrity character like David Benson. As opposed to rohr who went to grandstand in front of the city council and do everything he could to destroy the 5 people that fired him. rohr had no thought for anyone or anything but vengeance at any cost. Rohr lied about exposing massive corruption, lied about 51 city employees who were just out to get him, and refused to release the 9 pages that supposedly could exonerate him.

Its no wonder League city has gone thru so many managers lately because apparently they prefer BS over substance and character.