Friday, August 29, 2014

Report cards issued for area school districts, individual schools

The annual performance reports (APR) released today by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education not only provide a score for school districts, but also for individual schools within those districts.

Listed below are scores for schools in Jasper, Newton, Barton, and McDonald counties:

Avilla 95.7

Carl Junction High School 93.9
Carl Junction Intermediate 78.6
Carl Junction Junior High 98.6
Carl Junction Primary 2-3 100.0
Carl Junction Primary K-1 100.0
Carl Junction Satellite School 31.8

Carthage High School 83.9
Carthage Junior High 84.3
Carthage Middle School 58.6
Columbia Elementary 96.0
Fairview Elementary 94.0
Mark Twain Elementary 88.0
Pleasant Valley Elementary 100.0
Steadley Elementary 100.0

Diamond Elementary School 64.0
Diamond High School 78.9
Diamond Middle School 77.1

East Newton High School 96.4
Granby Elementary 77.9
Triway Elementary 85.7

Golden City Elementary School 85.7
Golden City High School 90.0

Jasper Elementary School 100.0
Jasper High School 89.3

Joplin Cecil Floyd Elementary 82.9
Columbia Elementary 92.9
East Middle School 74.3
Eastmorland Elementary 67.1
Irving (not listed)
Jefferson Elementary 72.9
Joplin High School 81.4
Kelsey Norman Elementary 87.1
McKinley Elementary 70.0
North Middle School 95.7
Royal Heights Elementary 58.6
Soaring Heights Elementary 45.7
South Middle School 82.9
Stapleton Elementary 98.6
West Central Elementary 57.1

Lamar East Elementary 100.0
Lamar Elementary 78.3
Lamar High School 85.4
Lamar Middle School 87.9

Liberal Elementary School 78.6
Liberal High School 90.4
Liberal Middle School 92.9

McDonald County Anderson Elementary 87.1
Anderson Middle School 75.7
McDonald County High School 97.1
Noel Elementary 84.3
Noel Primary 100.0
Pineville Elementary 77.9
Pineville Primary 100.0
Rocky Comfort Elementary 91.4
Southwest City Elementary 90.0
White Rock Elementary 100.0

Neosho Benton Elementary 94.0
Central Elementary 100.0
George Washington Carver Elementary 100.0
Goodman Elementary 87.0
Neosho Middle School 94.3
Neosho Junior High School 85.7
South Elementary 100.0

Sarcoxie High School 80.0
Wildwood Elementary 84.3

Seneca Elementary School 82.0
Seneca High School 88.9
Seneca Intermediate 81.4
Seneca Junior High School 71.4

Webb City Bess Truman Primary Center 100.0
Carterville Elementary 100.0
Eugene Field Elementary 100.0
Harry S Truman Elementary 100.0
Madge T. James Kindergarten Center 100.0
Mark Twain Elementary 100.0
Webb City High School 99.3
Webb City Junior High School 98.6
Webb City Middle School 85.7


Anonymous said...

Are these percentages? What are yhe schools graded on?

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Is there any way to see if there is a correlation with the turnover/experience of the teachers at each school?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see KN has a higher score than it did this morning ...that is a wonderful school with great teachers & principal & students

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Can you please post for Neosho High School, also? Thanks in advance.

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Can you please add for Neosho High School? Thanks.