Thursday, April 02, 2020

Teen confirmed as seventh case of COVID-19 in Jasper County

(From the Jasper County Health Department)

The Jasper County Health Department today announces their seventh confirmed case of COVID-19 in Jasper County.

(Note: These are cases that are not people in the Joplin city limits.)

To protect the patient's right to privacy, identifying information will not be provided.

As part of the regular practice of disease investigation, the Jasper County Health Department will be notifying people who have had contact with the patient.

(Photo: Jasper County Health Department employees contacting people who have possibly been exposed to COVID-19.)

This individual is a person in their teens who resides in Jasper County and had traveled outside of the United States.

Jasper County Health Department staff are working with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to determine any close contacts of this individual who were possibly exposed. If exposed, health officials will provide guidance to these individuals and monitor them closely for the development of symptoms.

For more information, e-mail or call 417-358-3111.

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