Tuesday, May 26, 2020

696 laid off at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, 126 of the jobs to be eliminated permanently

Mercy Hospital in Springfield began the process of laying off 696 employees May 22, according to a WARN notice filed with the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development.

The layoffs will be permanent for the 115 employees who were given notice Friday and for 11 doctors who will be sent packing August 20, according to the notice.

We were unable to provide more notice of this action because these circumstances were not reasonably foreseeable until recently when the full impact of COVID-19 became clear. We are providing as much notice as is practicable under the circumstances and given the rapid pace at which this situation has developed.

What Mercy officials referred to as "separations" began Friday. The remainder of the layoffs will take place August 20, according to the notice and except for the 11 physicians will be temporary.

The first wave of layoffs, all labeled as permanent, included the following employees:

Administrative assistant
Athletic trainer
Cardiopulmonary nurse
CFO- Central Community
Chaplain (2)
Clinical Documentation Specialist
Clinical Pharmacist
Corporate Wellness Educator
Customer Service Specialist
Data Analyst
Database Analyst
Diet Technician
Director of Marketing and Planning
Director of Operations
Director of Volunteer Services
Director- Providing Onboarding
DRG Validation and Appeals Specialist
Environmental Compliance Manager
Executive Assistant (2)
Executive Director-Recruitment
Exercise Physiologist

Graphic Design Specialist
Health and Wellness Coach (4)
Health Information Service Clerk
HR Assistant (2)
Infection Control Specialist
Lab Support Technician IV
Lead System Administrator
Lead Tech/Operations Analyst
Manager-Communications Center
Manager-Retail Food Services
Medical Assistant (15)
Medical Transcriptionist I
Membership Services Coordinator
Nurse Navigator
Nurse Practitioner (10)
Nurse Practitioner II-Clinic
Office Coordinator
Officer Supervisor
Paralegal III
Patient Access Representative (2)
Patient Benefit Advisor I
Patient Benefit Advisor III
Patient Relations Coordinator
Patient Service Representative (4)
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant (4)
Practice Manager
Practice Nurse LPN
Privacy Manager
Program Intake Coordinator
Quality Improvement Analyst
Recruiter (2)
Recruitment Assistant
Registered Respiratory Therapist
Registered Nurse
Senior Financial Analyst II
Senior HR Manager
Service Center Technician
Sleep Medicine Technician II
Specialty Food Service Tech (4)
Speech Therapist
Senior Chargemaster Clinical Specialist
Senior Clinical Business Sol. Analyst- Epic
Senior Clinical Businss Sol. Analyst
Senior EHR Credentialed Instructor
Stroke Educator
Talent Scout
Truck Driver
Utilization Review Nurse
Vice President-Operations (3)

Those who will be let go permanently August 20 are:

Critical Care Physician
Hospitalist (4)
Pediatric Physician
Physician (5)

The rest of the layoffs, termed as temporary, are scheduled for August 20 and will include the following positions:

Adminisrative Director-Flight Program
Administrative Assistant I (2)
Administrative Assistant II (2)
Administrative Assistant III
Administrative Assistant IV
AP Lab Assistant
AP Lab Assistant III
Associate Informatics Analyst
Athletic Trainer (9)
Business Systems Analyst III
Cafeteria Technician I (2)
Cardiac Rehab Coordinator
Cardiopulmonary Rehab Nurse (6)

Cardiovascular Tech I
Catering Technician I
Certified Culinarian
Chaplain III
Charge RN
Child Life Specialist (4)
Clinical Research Scientist III
Clinic Training Coordinator-Clinical
Clinical Documentation Specialist
Clinical Educator (19)
Clinical Educator II
Clinical Nurse Specialist IV
Clinical Pharmacist
Clinical Student Coordinator
Clinical Supervisor (5)
Coding Specialist II
Community Health and Access Director
Cook (3)
CT Technologist
Customer Service Specialist I
CV Program Assistant
Dietitian I
Director- Cardiac Cath Lab
Director-Respiratory Therapy
Education Coordinator
Educator/Project Coordinator
Emergency Room Technician (6)
Endoscopy Technician (2)
Endoscopy Technician II
Exercise Physiologist
Fellowship Specialist (3)
Food Service Tech I (2)
Health Information Service Coordinator
Health Information Service Technician
House Supervisor (2)
Imaging Assistant (2)
Infection Control Specialist
Lab Support Technician I (6)
Lab Support Technician II (3)
Lab Support Technician III (2)
Lab Support Technician IV
Lactation Consultant (6)
Licensed Practical Nurse II (5)
Mammography Technologist (4)
Manager-Business Operations
Manager-Cardiopulmonary Services
Manager- Child Life
Manager- Environmental Services
Manager- Imaging Services
Manager- Lab Operations (3)
Manager- Pastoral Services
Manager- Pharmacy Operations
Manager-Therapy Services
Medical Assistant (9)
Medical Assistant Coordinator
Medical Navigator
Medical Technologist I (2)
Medical Technologist II
Medical Technologist III
Monitor Technician (2)
MRI Technologist
NICU Associate (2)
Nurse Anesthetist (8)
Nurse Clinician (2)
Nurse Navigator (3)
Nurse Practitioner (12)
Nurse Technician (12)
Nursing Operations Coordinator
Nursing Supervisor
Office Assistant
Office Coordinator
Optician (2)
Optometrist (3)
Orthopedic Technician
Patient Access Representative (6)
Patient Account Representative
Patient Care Associate (99)
Patient Educator
Patient Service Representative (11)
Patient Transporter (44)
Patient Transporter-Lead (5)
Pediatric Physician
Perfusion Assistant II
Pharmacy Technician I (6)
Physical Therapist (4)
Physical Therapy Assistant (2)
Physician Assistant (3)
Practice Manager
Practice Nurse LPN (3)
Prep Cook (2)
Procedure Technician I
Project Coordinator
Project Manager
Quality Improvement Analyst
Quality Improvement Coordinator
Radiation Therapy Technologist
Radiologic Technologist (2)
Radiology Coordinator
Registered Polysomnographic Tech (5)
Registered Respiratory Therapist (11)
Registered Nurse (65)
Respiratory Core Coordinator
RN-Specialty (4)
Senior Recruiter
Sitter (13)
Sleep Medicine Technician II
Social Worker I
Sous Chef
Specialty Food Service Tech (3)
Specialty Food Service Tech-Lead
Senior Manager-Client Services
Senior Specialist-Clinical Education
STEMI Program Coordinator
Store Room Clerk
Supervisor-Clinical Support
Supervisor-Environmental Services (3)
Supervisor-Lab Support Techs
Supervisor-Nuclear Medicine
Supervisor-Public Safety (3)
Supervisor- Radiology Shift
Supply Chain Coordinator I
Supply Chain Coordinator II (2)
Supply Chain Tech II
Supervisor-Dietary Resources
Surgical Procedure Assistant (16)
Surgical Technologist (3)
Ultrasound Technologist II (2)
Unit Secretary (3)


Anonymous said...

Odd, they just spent jillions on new unit in Joplin after tornado money and many give backs from local and state agencies. Provide support for new medical training facility in Joplin, support for VA units in both Springfield and Joplin and firing hard working employees. Are these employees compromised by the virus and just want to avoid the workmans comp or just pure greed? So many satellite units either opened or closed because of poor communities and lack of health insurance leads one to suspect they do it for the buck. Sad institution

Anonymous said...

“We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’ You’ve heard this one. You’ll say ‘Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don’t want to win anymore. It’s too much. It’s not fair to everybody else.’” Trump said. “And I’m going to say ‘I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning, We’re going to make America great again.”

Time to Dump Trump before he wins us all into third world status.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:01 AM: There's a difference between capital budgets, in this case as you sort of note the rebuilding of the Joplin hospital was paid for by insurance and other one time tornado related money, and operating budgets.

The fear of getting infected by the virus if you visit a hospital, and the partial shutdown of them for normal business, 1/2 of which is usually outpatient like diagnostics, has massively decreased their operating revenues. Same for diagnostic companies like Quest, which even doing a bunch of COVID-19 tests saw its operating volume go down by 40% in March.

No matter Mercy being a non-profit, they have a duty to not go bankrupt and shut down, slashing staff who no longer have work to do is unavoidable. As it is, it's feared a a lot of hospitals are going to have to shut down anyway, probably a lot of those satellite units you mention, as well as small rural ones.

Be prepared for a lot more of this, you can't shut down and start back up an economy like a switch, and a lot of sectors like everything travel related, 10% of US GDP, aren't coming back for the foreseeable future. Or probably not assuming we get a second wave of COVID-19.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that the Republican Party is now concerned about deficit spending.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you blame him for the sunrise and the sunset you idoit.

Anonymous said...

This is no one's fault but MERCY's. They do this two every 2 years. It's called "Mercy's Spring Clean." They need to change their named because they have NO MERCY in this.

Anonymous said...

It does seem to be the trend.

Anonymous said...

What a dumb statement. Blame a pandemic on a sitting president. You're the most ignorant of ignorant.

Anonymous said...


“President Obama has a personal responsibility to visit & embrace all people in the US who contract Ebola!”

“If this doctor, who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa, has Ebola, then Obama should apologize to the American people & resign!”

Unknown said...

Mercy do you understand you are letting health professionals go during a pandemic??? As a patient it concerns me if I can be given good care with staff being understaffed and overworked. You get devoted employees by being a devoted employer. Shame on you for putting the almighty dollar above patient care. Shame on you for not standing behind your dedicated staff.

Anonymous said...

Keep paying those multi million dollar salaries to executives, Mercy.

Anonymous said...

Mercy has done a "spring clean" every year for the last 8 years. Check it out and call them out for it. And how come most of the VP's that were let go were women?

Anonymous said...

Well said. Out with the older more experienced staff--in with the young CHEAPER staff and prn staff that they pay no benefits to. Dont preach "the ministry" to me-making Catholics look bad.