Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Joplin man pleads guilty to federal meth, weapons charges

Travis Hurlbert, 32, Joplin, pleaded guilty today in U. S. District Court in Springfield to methamphetamine trafficking and possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking.

The Joplin Police Department arrested Hurlbert July 21, according to the plea agreement.

Judge David P. Rush ordered a pre-sentence investigation. No date is set for sentencing.


Anonymous said...

Another young life ruined because of meth. Let's do it like they do in the Philippines and start executing the cartel gangs that are caught with anything over a kilo. This drug has devastated families from all backgrounds here in the 4-states. We need to send a message the cartels understand.

Anonymous said...

Addictions are all around us - Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Gambling, Porn, Video Games, Social Media, Pop/Cola, Fast Foods, Etc., -

We Each must take Responsibility for what we do. It is easy to Blame Others - - but Temptations have been around since the beginning of time and will be out there until the Human Race is gone - - There will always be People or Groups that try to Exploit and Profit from Individuals and there Frail and Weak Human Nature.

Teach your Kids - The Difference between "Right and Wrong", Teach them To Be Leaders Not Followers - To Respect Themselves and Others - Parents - Be Part of Their Lifes - Not just Depend on Churches, Schools, Social Media to set an Example - - It needs to Start at Home - - By Example - -