Friday, September 16, 2005

Alzheimer's vote not included in journal

Maybe I just overlooked it, but I found nothing recorded in the Missouri House of Representatives' Journal listing the vote by which House Republicans stopped an attempt to override Governor Matt Blunt's veto of $227,000 worth of funding for Alzheimer's research.
Newspaper reports indicated Democrats were joined by 22 Republicans, more than half of the House, but not the two-thirds majority necessary to override the veto.
I would like to know if any of our six area legislators voted in favor of restoring the funds. The people of this area need to know that. I am also curious about how Rep. Jodi Stefanick, whose resignation was accepted at the end of the veto session, voted. After all, Ms. Stefanick is resigning to advise the governor on health issues, and as The Turner Report has noted, she is in deep to the health care and insurance special interests.
Perhaps, I just am looking in the wrong place. If that is the case, please someone set me straight. Otherwise, it simply looks as if some people don't want it in black and white that they voted against Alzheimer's research.

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Anonymous said...

They probably just forgot. I'm also sure the altruistic insurance industry didn't influence them.