Monday, September 19, 2005

Emery votes to keep budget as is

As you may recall, last week I noted that the Missouri House Journal, the record of all votes taken in the House of Representatives, does not include a mention (at least that I could find) of the vote by which the House declined to override Governor Matt Blunt's veto of $227,000 of money that had been earmarked for Alzheimer's research.
Newspaper reports indicated 22 Republicans parted with the governor on this issue, but that was far from the two-thirds required to override a veto.
Seth Jackson of Southwest Missouri for Progress reports that his legislator, Ed Emery, R-Lamar, told him that he had voted to support the governor for the issue.
If someone has information on how the other five legislators from this area, Steve Hunter, Ron Richard, and Marilyn Ruestman of Joplin, Bryan Stevenson of Webb City, and Kevin Wilson of Neosho voted on this matter, please drop me a line.

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