Friday, September 23, 2005

La-Z-Boy Canadian production to shift to Neosho

Furniture Today reports La-Z-Boy is closing its Canadian upholstery factory in Waterloo, Ontario, and putting 413 people out of work.
"The plant has been operating as less than optimal capacity for some time and represents a small portion of La-Z-Boy’s total production," the article quotes Kurt Darrow, president and CEO, as saying.
"This action will result in increased efficiencies in our remaining manufacturing facilities, enabling us to be more productive in less square footage."
The production currently done by the Canadian plant will be shared by La-Z-Boy facilities in Neosho and Dayton, Tenn., the article said.
“We regret the impact this will have on the lives of those employees working at the Waterloo facility, but this action is necessary for La-Z-Boy to remain competitive and improve our remaining operations,” said Darrow.

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