Monday, September 19, 2005

Lindstedt pays filing fee under protest

Perennial candidate and loser Martin Lindstedt, currently in the Newton County Jail awaiting trial on felony statutory sodomy charges, paid the $255 filing fee for the appeal of his federal lawsuit against Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. The information was filed Friday in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.
In his rambling, four-page description of his adventures, Lindstedt continues to maintain his innocence on the local charges and indicates he is conducting guerrilla warfare on his jailers. "I have vowed to torture and destroy the spawn of regime criminals," he wrote. "Consequently, I am in solitary confinement."
Lindstedt sued Blunt for actions Blunt took while he was secretary of state and Lindstedt was running against him in the Republican primary for governor. Blunt refused to allow Lindstedt to use his nickname, "Mad Dog" on the ballot, and refused to provide a link to Lindstedt's website because of its racist content, while providing links to other candidates' websites.
"If Appellant (Lindstedt) is correct," he wrote, "then Defendant Blunt must be removed on the basis of corrupt election from the current office of governor of Missouri by which himself and a corrupt corporate cabal conspired to have (him) enthroned."
Lindstedt says Blunt is "less legitimate than Saddam Hussein as president of Iraq, but rather than have a regime change of regime criminal by means of invasion, artillery, and civil warfare, Appellant proposes to give this federal regime a chance to take out its trash and remove the more idiotic of its regime criminals."
Lindstedt indicates he hopes his $255 filing fee is reimbursed by "patriots and Al Qaeda."
Lindstedt's lawsuit and his first attempt to appeal the decision were rejected by Federal Judge Richard E. Dorr.

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