Thursday, September 29, 2005

Governor's press office issues inappropriate news release

For those who saw the headline and thought maybe there was some foul language and sexual references in a news release from the governor, sorry to disappoint you.
The inappropriate news release was issued as a result of the governor's irritation with a Democratic blog started by former Carnahan advisor Roy Temple.
The Temple blog, "Fired Up Missouri" at has posted one entry after another criticizing the Blunt administration and other Republicans in office, sometimes hitting the nail right on the head, and sometimes stretching things a bit to make a point.
Naturally, it has raised the ire of the governor and his aides. Last week, the following news release was issued:

Carnahan Hate Blog Posts Another Lie about Blunt Administration (This is the exact headline that came from the governor's press office.)

JEFFERSON CITY-A left-wing blog site created at the behest of former U.S.
Senator Jean Carnahan and best known for posting scurrilous attacks on Gov.
Blunt, his wife and infant son, has posted yet another lie about the
governor and his administration.

Carnahan's hate site inaccurately claims that the "Blunt administration" is
seeking to purchase a new state airplane. The truth is that the state, under
Gov. Blunt's direction, is in the process of selling two airplanes and one
aircraft hanger owned by the state.

The bid referenced by "Cole" and "Jefferson Thomas" two of Carnahan's
Internet hit men who are too frightened to give their real names, has been
put forth by the Department of Conservation which is governed by a
commission appointed, with one exception, by Blunt's predecessors.

As governor, Blunt has never flown on state owned airplanes and has
discouraged his cabinet directors from doing so as well. This cost savings
move has saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. Other independent
agencies, like the Missouri Department of Transportation, have responded to
Blunt's call to cut transportation expenses in the midst of serious state
budget challenges.

The Blunt administration discussed with the Department of Conservation its
plans for reducing the state aircraft fleet several months ago but the
department elected to pursue other options.

"The Carnahan family's twisted obsession with attacking the governor is
bordering on being clinical," said Blunt spokesman Spence Jackson. "For the
good of their own legacy and public reputations they should set aside their
visceral hatred of the governor and his family and start engaging in
positive discussions on how best to move Missouri forward." (This concludes the news release.)

To me, this is a completely inappropriate use of taxpayer money. I am not suggesting that the governor and the Republican party should roll over and allow themselves to be attacked day after day without some kind of response. Set up a similar blog, have releases issued by the Missouri Republican Party, but I am offended when my tax dollars are used by Spence Jackson, the governor's press aide, at the behest of the governor, to play petty politics.
An apology should be issued to every Missouri taxpayer and it should never happen again.

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Anonymous said...

If a public official uses a state vehicle, there is a paper record of where he went, what he did, how much it costs, etc.
If a public official uses a privately owned vehicle, no record exists.

Given the Blunt penchant for using pov to circumvent existing rules and regulations,,,,i.e. Blunt's use of car dealer's motor coach in last campaign,,,, I would rather see him spend our money and fly on state planes so we can track where he goes and what he does.