Monday, September 19, 2005

More information about 'Small Town News'

I have finished going over the proofs of my novel, "Small Town News," and it is appearing that it may be out two or three weeks earlier than I had been anticipating.
It was an indescribable feeling to see the front and back covers of the book, though I wasn't thrilled with having to look at my face on the back cover. I only found a couple of typos in the book copy, so I will send that information to the publisher today and should have the final product to review in a couple of weeks and the book should be available for purchase sometime late next month.
For those who have not read my earlier postings on "Small Town News," it was inspired by the Oct. 31, 2001, occurrences in Diamond when the bank was robbed and R-4 Superintendent Dr. Greg Smith disappeared on the same day. Dr. Smith's body was found the following week at the bottom of a pond just outside the city limits.
This is a fictionalized version of those events, centering around media coverage and what happens when the media descends upon a small town to cover a tragedy.
The characters are not meant to resemble anyone from real life, but I am sure that people in any small community in the United States will recognize some of the media people who are portrayed.
I don't have many specifics on where the book will be available locally, but those who go to Books-A-Million or B Dalton will be able to order it through those outlets, and I believe it will be available through Hastings, as well.
As I receive more information, I will pass it along.

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Who is publishing your book, Randy?