Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Feagans deserves Hawthorne treatment

That Nathaniel Hawthorne.
He sure knew how to mete out punishment.
Melanie Feagans is not going to get any prison time for embezzling some $46,000 from the South School PTO, Neosho Wildcat Booster Club and the Oakwood Cemetery Association (let's see: little kiddies, high school students, and grieving loved ones; she sure knew how to pick her victims). Today's Neosho Daily News indicates she has paid back the money and all is well. She is on probation, so the first time she knocks over a liquor store, she's headed to the stir.
Perhaps the judge should have followed Hawthorne's example and made Ms. Feagans wear a scarlet T for thief, or a scarlet E for embezzler (or a scarlet D for darned lucky she still has her freedom).
At least, the organizations have their money back.

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