Sunday, September 11, 2005

Miami Herald rips into Bush over FEMA choice

Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen rakes President Bush over the coals in today's piece about the selection of Michael Brown as head of FEMA.
Could Bush have made a worse choice, Hiaasen wonders.
"Sure, he could.
"Courtney Love or Mike Tyson would have been worse choices, although both of them have more disaster experience than Brown."
You can read the column at:


Anonymous said...

You can to create an account to access this column. After four attempts, I give up.

Randy said...

Sorry about that, I had already set up an account with some other papers in that chain, so I guess I was automatically able to sign into it.

Anonymous said...

I had previously signed up also, but many if not most large online newspapers seem to be requiring a free sign in. It's a small price to pay for the access, it seems.
Thank you for the excellent journalism you are putting online, Mr. Turner. Can you tell me why the Globe with so many more resources cannot run more good news articles and features?