Sunday, September 25, 2005

AP reports new driver's license requirements

Associated Press is reporting that Missourians will be undergoing even more scrutiny when they apply for a driver's license or renew one.
Now the state Department of Revenue will be required to check with the National Driver Register and the Commercial Driver License Information System to check on a driver's status in other states. If problems pop up, the article said, a license will not be issued.
I really do not have a problem with these requirements. They might keep a habitual drunk driver off the road and who knows, maybe we will be able to latch on to a terrorist that way, though that seems doubtful.
It is the requirements placed on Missourians by DOR head Trish Vincent and our Republican-dominated General Assembly that still bother me the most. Missourians should not have to prove they are Missourians in order to receive or to renew their driver's licenses, except for perhaps the first time they apply for a license.
State officials know when licenses are coming due. All they would have to do is conduct a brief check. If someone has had a driver's license in this state for a considerable amount of time with no problems, there would be no need to check further. If any red flags came up in the search, a more thorough background check could be made.
This would be a common-sense approach. Asking people to provide documentation to prove they belong in this country, when we already have several ways of checking that without inconveniencing them, is nonsense. I cannot understand why people are not up in arms about this.
State officials have said that the federal government is requiring us to do this. That may be true, though it doesn't appear that the feds are requiring as much from the citizens as Missouri is. Other states are fighting the requirements and not just rolling over for whatever President Bush asks.
How anyone can claim this will help put a stop to terrorism is beyond me. All it does is give the appearance that Missouri is doing something.


Anonymous said...

Come on Randy, the people of Missouri deserve all the hassle the Legislature and the Governor give them and then some. The people are the ones who put this group of people in office and will continue to keep them there simply because they claim to be Republicans and most of the citizens of SW Missouri mistakenly think they are also Republicans. I am constantly amazed when I see an oil burning clunker on the road with a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on it (stolen from a post on Neosho Forums).

Randy said...

You have a valid point.

Anonymous said...

Lord save us from our just rewards!