Monday, January 30, 2006

Daily provides addition, not alternative

As the Joplin Globe's Sunday edition proved, if the venerable newspaper is at the top of its game (and the Globe was close, though not quite there), the Daily may have to settle for a niche as a feel-good addition, an extra read for those who still enjoy the Sunday newspaper habit.
The latest print edition of the Daily (which I picked up at the 15th Street Wal-Mart, since once again my area of town was not selected for delivery) was a pleasant read, but nothing really stood out.
The sports pages were down to a more realistic three and the writing and photos were serviceable.
The non-sports coverage, on the other hand, was professionally done, but nothing that would really have people talking around the water cooler today.
I would guess that traffic is increasing for the Daily's website and that was the stated goal in the first place. The website has broken some stories, including being the first, by one hour, to release the unfortunate information that International Paper in Joplin was going to close costing 48 people their jobs. The Turner Report had the item second, posting an hour later when I had my lunch break, while the Globe was three hours behind the Daily, an eternity in these days of up-to-date information.


Anonymous said...

Joplin Daily reminds me a lot of a high school newspaper. Or the Chart at Missouri Southern. It has hip, young design, some light, fluffy stories, and opinion columns people write to feel pleased about themselves, but not a real lot of meaty, interesting content.

And on this breaking news thing, I don't think posting a story on your website an hour or two before other web sites makes any difference to 99 percent of the population. Your news isn't so vital to me that getting it 30 minutes before anyone else is going to make any difference in my life. Getting me quality, interesting, relevant news is more important to me. As we learned from the national media in the recent incident about the 12 live/dead miners, when breaking the news first is top priority, doing a good job becomes second priority.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with the previous poster. I would emphasize that the columns on the opinion page--or elsewhere--mark the Daily as a high school or college newspaper by their incessant dribbling over their private lives, their wives, their children, their trips to football games, and anything else that they wrote about in high school--or in college. The Daily can make a mark of distinction by having opinion columns that express opinions of matters of importance--on Joplin and its economy, its downtown renovation, its street programs, etc. The editorials may continue as they are, but surely someone has an OPINION that matters enough to write an intelligent opinion column.

But, when all is said, maybe that's what the audience they aim for wants--fluff pieces that don't require much thinking on the part of the reader--or of the writer.

Anonymous said...

I have grown to hate all those columns you see in local papers nowadays about the author's personal lives. Hey, your own personal issues aren't that interesting to the rest of us and you are certainly not clever or funny enough to make it entertaining. I read columns that are analysis or interpretation of today's issues. I don't care what John Hacker has learned in his first month on the job. I don't care about reporters' personal lives and cute kids (I'M TALKING TO YOU, POUND!!!!). Gimme some insight or don't waste my time. You aren't Dave Berry or Erma Bombeck and never will be.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that when another paper has entered the area, the comments are negative. Give the paper time to get established. This will allow for more than the one sided view the Globe gives its readers. That statment is not meant to be negative but you need a variety to get a different point of view, unless those commenters are afraid of a view other than their own. As for articles, many in the public are tired of the person bashing the globe readers are always involved in. It is nice to read some interesting articles that dont have to include arguments. Believe it or not, there is some good out there. I read Turner, Joplin Daily, Globe, as well as some others. This gives some balance. Oh no, I sound like Fox,,,,fair and