Sunday, January 22, 2006

Prisoner claims three 'honkies' beat him up

Brant Lee Bailey, 38, Joplin, has spent almost as much time in the courtroom as some lawyers over the past five years and it looks as if his act is headed toward federal court.
Bailey, who has been charged with everything from burglary to assault to driving while revoked to stalking, claims Newton County jailers should have prevented "three honkies" from beating him up last year.
In a lawsuit filed Jan. 6 in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, Bailey says, "I was beaten severely by three other inmates." The inmates were supposed to be in lockdown, but "broke out," he claimed.
These three inmates, Bailey claims, are members of a gang called the Joplin Honkies. "I told the administration not to put me with any Joplin Honkeys. They did anyway." Bailey claims the honkies beat him twice.
He says he wants to be compensated for physical and mental damages. Of course, he is wanting the taxpayers to foot the bill for his lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

You buried the lede. There's a group of roving yahoos calling themselves the Joplin Honkies!?!? With three of them in jail, that's gotta hurt the membership drive.

Anonymous said...

man up! there is not anything wrong with JOPLIN HONKIES

Anonymous said...

I dated a honkey 4 5yrs & lived w/ him 4 4yrs. Look up chris davenport & u will c that if u had the balls 2 say 2 their face wht ur saying behind a computer u wouldn't have ne teeth left. Literally! U lames!!!!!