Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lammers: We changed the industry

Nexstar Broadcasting COO Duane Lammers told the San Angelo, Texas, Standard-Times that his company's battle with cable companies over retransmission rights had a dramatic impact.
"I think a lot of people have taken notice," Lammers told the newspaper, "and we're going to get credit for changing the industry."
Lammers did not go so far as to declare victory over the cable companies, but told the newspaper, "We accomplished our mission. We wanted to accomplish a substantive revenue stream and we did it."
An article in Multichannel News last week said the company would receive $40 million over the next five years and estimated that Nexstar will receive approximately 11 cents per customer per month from the cable companies, down from the 30 it first demanded, but more than the zero the cable companies offered.
Of course, one of those battles over retransmission rights took place between Nexstar's Joplin stations, KSNF and KODE, and Cable One in Joplin.

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