Friday, January 13, 2006

Public Citizen: Roy Blunt not fit for leadership

Public Citizen, an organization that investigates the effect of lobbyists and special interests on politicians, issued a news release today saying that Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt is not fit to be House majority leader.
The news release features a link to the 48-page report which reveals Blunt's extensive network of lobbyists, favors they have done him and favors he has done for them. It also alleges Blunt has used these special interests to aid his sons, Governor Matt Blunt and lobbyist Andrew Blunt.


Anonymous said...

Is Roy Blunt even fit for Congress?

Anonymous said...

The people of Southwest Missouri love self seeking Politicians and will continue to return Roy to Washington as long as he chooses to run for office. After all, once he leaves offices he might just seek to move back to Missouri and none of us want him for a neighbor.

Anonymous said...

not only has he helped his sons, but most other house holding republicans through RYOB PAC