Friday, May 26, 2006

Fugitives arrested in Barton County

I am interested in seeing how our local media handles coverage of the arrest in Barton County Thursday night of a man and woman who were the subjects of a nationwide manhunt following the brutal videotaped sex killing.
Richard Davis and Dena Riley surrendered to Barton County deputies, according to various media sources. Reportedly, the couple were found with a kidnapped child from Pittsburg, Kan. More information can be found at the Kansas City Star site.
So far, local media websites offer varying amounts of coverage of the arrest. Though both Barton County and Pittsburg are in the Joplin Globe area of coverage, so far the only article posted on the Globe website comes from Associated Press. Globe editors did not even bother to correct the misinformation that Pittsburg is about 17 miles from Lamar. Pittsburg is closer to 30 miles from Lamar.
The Pittsburg Morning Sun website also offers the Associated Press story.
Only one local television station, KODE, has the story on its website.

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