Sunday, May 28, 2006

New links added to Turner Report

Ten new links have been added to the links section on the right hand side of this page. I already mentioned the addition of the Joplin Business Journal. The new sites are:
-Fired Up Missouri- This site offers the Democratic point of view on state issues and is published by Roy Temple, a former Carnahan aide.
-Right Missouri- Right Missouri offers the Republican side of issues.
-Three personal blogs from the Springfield area: Simple Things from a Complex Mind, Granny Geek, and Dad's on a Rant Again
-KY3 Political Blog- The number one television station in Springfield has recently started a blog.
-Ozarks Messenger- This is the blog started recently by new Springfield News-Leader editorial page editor Tony Messenger.
-Some upstate blogs: Blog St. Louis, KC Buzz Blog, which is the Kansas City Star's political blog, and Political Fix, which is the St. Louis Post Dispatch's political blog.
Hopefully, by adding these blogs to the other southwest Missouri news and information sources, we can provide some interesting reading to supplement The Turner Report.


Anonymous said...

Your statement that KY3 is the number one station in Springfield is absolutely incorrect!
KYTV does have larger News numbers than any of the other stations in the market, yet LESS viewers by a long shot than KOLR10, the CBS affiliate that posts much larger Nielsen numbers than KYTV. It is a FACT that KOLR10, is the Number One station in Springfield.

Randy said...

Sorry, I should have made it clear. I was referring to news. Viewers still turn to KY3 despite the poor quality of NBC's programming. That's not just from loyalty; that also comes from quality.

Anonymous said...

KYTV "Quality"?
You obviously are not a viewer.
They are slipping away badly against KOLR10 and KSFX in the Springfield market, their important numbers erode every year.
You do NOT know what you are talking about, only spouting opinion.
Too bad ksnf did not put you on-air years ago, but I am not sure that your ego would have fit in the studio.
By the way, KSNf is looking pretty good these days! I LOVE the ticker!