Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Thomas spends $35,000 with firm linked to license fee office scandal

Platte County Auditor Sandra Thomas, has paid more than $35,000 to a firm created by the same attorney responsible for creating the license fee management companies under investigation by the FBI.
Her eight days before election filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission, showed Ms. Thomas has paid $35,924.43 to Axiom Strategies, LLC, Liberty, a firm created by Lathrop & Gage attorney Jamison Shipman, the same man responsible for the creation of numerous management firms being used to operate some of the privatized license fee offices.
The management firm arrangements are being investigated by the FBI. More information can be found in the July 29 Turner Report.
The latest filing indicates Ms. Thomas paid Axiom, which is run by former Sam Graves chief of staff Jeff Roe, for management, staffing, reimbursement for signs and miscellaneous expenses.
Ms. Thomas reported receiving $20,905. during the past month and spending $23,741.82, leaving her with $188,285.40. Her campaign is in debt $150,000, according to the report.
Her biggest contributors were: Republican Sixth District Congressional Committee $12,750, former U. S. Attorney Todd Graves $1,000, and CNS Corporation, Kansas City, $1,275.

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