Saturday, August 18, 2007

Neosho Daily shines in coverage of shooting, aftermath

I have already written this week about the strong performance given by the Neosho Daily News staff since it began its coverage last Sunday of the murders of three Micronesian church leaders who were holding an afternoon service at the First Congregational Church of Neosho.
My earlier assessment came from looking at the work on the Daily's internet site. I was even more impressed earlier today when I took my first look at this week's print editions of the Daily.
Tragic situations, unfortunately, are among the few times a newspaper staff receives an opportunity to display its abilities. To a man, the Daily offered solid work, hitting the story from nearly every angle possible.
In a day when people talk about the newspaper as if it were already guaranteed extinction, this week's past performance by the Neosho Daily News staff shows exactly why newspapers, whether in print or online, continue to play a vital role in today's society.


Anonymous said...

Randy, with all your comments on the NEOSHO DAILY NEWS' reporting on last week's tragedy, you still have not come clean on your pathetic remarks about how the staff got onto the story. When are you going to tell your readers how you came to know that John Hacker heard about the shootings on his scanner and alerted the Neosho news staff?

Who told you this? Did John tell you this. I know the Daily staff would not have done so, so who does that leave as a source? Or was it a lie just pulled out of the air for personal reasons?

....when are you going to tell the truth on this?

Randy said...

You appear to be the only who was not satisfied that I admitted I received incorrect information, apologized for it, and corrected it. Get over it. I have said over and over again, including in this post, that the Daily's staff did a remarkable job on the story. As I said before and this will be the last time I will talk about it, the source is someone who has provided me with on-the-money information time after time, and who simply made a mistake this time, but genuinely believed that the information that was passed on to me was correct. I would hope that the anonymous person who posted this response is not a person who is employed in a position covering news. I would certainly not want to provide information to someone who bas no problem with reporters giving up sources.