Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blunt: Poor Gonzales was victim of big, bad Democrats

From all indications, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was incompetent, clueless, and more interested in pursuing political ends than justice. That being said, Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt does not place the blame for Gonzales' resignation on Gonzales. According to the Kingsport Tennessee Times News, Blunt gave this assessment before a fundraising dinner for Rep. David Davis:

"I think like a lot of the folks that came to Washington with (President Bush) from Texas, he was surprised to find out how tough a town Washington can be," Blunt, a Missouri Republican, said before the fund-raiser concerning Gonzales, who resigned amid a Senate probe over fired U.S. attorneys. "I think he particularly was disadvantaged by this emphasis in the new Congress on wanting to constantly interrogate everybody about everything, and I think that distracted from his ability to get the job done. My belief is he's relieved to be going on to other things."

I would guess a lot of Republicans and Democrats are also relieved Gonzales is going on to other things.


Anonymous said...

Blunt would tell a lie , even if the TRUTH sounded better.

Anonymous said...

So these are the same people that forced Gonzales out but let Clinton lie under oath?