Wednesday, August 15, 2007

KY3 Blog: Nixon criticizes Blunt for accepting swift boat money

As noted in the July 19 Turner Report, two of Governor Matt Blunt's biggest campaign contributors this year have been the two leading contributors of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the group that torpedoed Sen. John Kerry's presidential run in 2004.
Those contributions are the subject of the latest fundraising appeal by Blunt's 2008 opponent, Attorney General Jay Nixon, according to a post on the KY3 Blog:

Nixon fundraising e-mail blasts Blunt for depending on "large corporations and wealthy right-wing ideologues to bankroll his campaign."

"Unlike Matt Blunt, (Nixon's) building a campaign that will represent the interests of all Missourians -- not the special interests," writes Nixon campaign manager Ken Morley.

Morley also goes on to note that Blunt has taken $350,000 from several Texas Republicans who contributed more than $7 million to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, "the group that in 2004 attacked Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's service record during the Vietnam War."

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why 3 black suburbans and a fleet of highway patrol cars were at the Second Baptist Church on E. Battlefield last night in Springfield. Bab Boy Blunt was praying for forgiveness. For all the things his administration has done to the less fortunate, he needs to still be there on his knees.....all day and all the next day.