Friday, June 04, 2010

At least 15 lobbyists contribute to Emerson campaign

When is a lobbyist not a lobbyist?

Apparently, the distinction must be clear to those who are handling campaign finances for 8th District Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson.

Rep. Emerson's quarterly report showed 15 people, who either are lobbyists or who work for lobbying firms, yet not one of them has "lobbyist" listed as an occupation.

Some are listed as attorneys, others as that old favorite "governmental services" while others are presidents, vice presidents, and partners, all accurate, legal descriptions undoubtedly, but not a hint of that evil word lobbyist can be found anywhere.

The 15 contributed $10,230 to Team Emerson, according to the FEC documents.

One of those listed was former Sen. Bob Dole, the 1996 GOP presidential candidate, who works for the law/lobbying firm of Alsten & Bird. Dole is listed as a "special counsel."

The lobbyists who contributed to Rep. Emerson included many who work for banking and health care interests, and one who works for General Motors.


Anonymous said...

But what contributed to you NOT covering the bankruptcy of a Neosho City councilwoman? It was news 3 years ago when Persinger filed, why not when Bowers files?

Randy said...

I did not know about it and what in the world does that have to do with Jo Ann Emerson?

Anonymous said...

Not a thing, but now you are aware. Let's see how much news a "live within you means" councilwoman gets when she files Chap 7 bankruptcy.