Sunday, July 22, 2012

Man wears gun on his hip into Ozark movie theater

KY3 reports that a man was escorted out of a Ozark movie theater Saturday for wearing a gun on his hip:

After checking to make sure he did not have any outstanding warrants, officers told the man he could return without the gun, or he would have to leave the theater.     Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle said the man didn't do anything illegal.
"Missouri is a carry state, in others words, you can carry weapons in Missouri exposed, you can carry weapons concealed, if you have a conceal and carry permit. He said he just exercising his right to carry a firearm," said Sheriff Kyle.

Of course, there are those who say someone like that was needed at Aurora Friday. Does anyone remember Cynthia Davis' bill from a couple of years back which would have allowed people to carry concealed weapons into churches?

Where are the voices of reason?


Turner ain't even rational said...

The shooter was dealing with a herd of sheep with no means to defend themselves. So a lot of them were killed. I'm sure that what the shooter did was illegal. That didn't seem to discourage him overmuch.

I fail to see why promoting policies contrary to the Constitution and Bill of Rights regarding getting to privately defend yourself is "reasonable." All you do on this blog is whine about how in a decaying civilization nobody much listens to you and how your do-gooder notions at the expense of others really need to be listened to. They don't.

A pity that an idiot like yourself wasn't trapped like a dog without the means to defend yourself in Aurora Colorado. Not that it matters because you simply are not rational, much less "reasonable." There are animals about who love to kill other animals and spouting silliness about "there ought to be a law against . . . defending yourself" doesn't cut it. Rational men well aware of the current reality defend themselves by any means necessary and don't bother to argue the point of enhancing personal survival with liberal nitwits claiming to be 'reasonable' who are nothing of the sort.

Oh well, none of my kind were there to get shot. Animals killing other animals is really none of my concern. Reload, ready, fire, aim . . .

Anonymous said...

It is idiots like you that will be the downfall of this nation. Your big spouting is not that of a rational human which is the type of person that ends up doing exactly what that shooter did.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing rational about ironically being in a dark, gas filled Hollywood theatre of hysteria and being able to defend yourself with your own gun against that shooter.

What a sick joke or did you see that in a shootout film?

Any "rational" person would say the last thing that was needed in that instant horror was more bullets flying around.

The real threat is people like you two guys who wear your anger and insecurity on your sleeve and hide your handguns in dark theaters.