Sunday, October 28, 2012

Joplin Globe: Jay Nixon's the man

Considering everything Gov. Jay Nixon has done for the city of Joplin since the May 22, 2011, tornado, it would have been almost criminal for the Joplin Globe to endorse Dave Spence.

Thankfully, the newspaper's Editorial Board came out in favor of Nixon's re-election:

When hard oversight decisions had to be made in identifying the bodies of the dead, Nixon was there — in person — to take charge. We will never forget the faces of families who stood outside the temporary morgue, waiting for the bad news they knew was coming. Nixon brought people in to shorten that wait.
And in the storm’s aftermath, when Joplin had occasions to rejoice as businesses opened and homes were rebuilt, Nixon was with this town. In fact, nearly 18 months later, the Democrat continues to return to a part of the state where most of its residents regularly vote Republican.

The Editorial Board also offered other reasons for supporting the governor, but said it would support his opponent, Dave Spence, if he ever decided to run for the legislature.

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