Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nixon campaign: Help us fight Dave Spence's checkbook

Noting that businessman Dave Spence has written three checks totaling $2 million in the past couple of weeks, the Jay Nixon campaign is seeking some financial help to counter Spence's big bucks. The following letter was sent to supporters today.

$6 million.  $2 million in the last ten days alone.  That’s what we’re up against.
Yesterday, Dave Spence wrote his campaign another $1 million check, bringing the total amount our opponent has personally poured into the race to $6 million.
Combined with the millions he’s received from national Republicans, that means Spence will continue to saturate the airwaves between now and Election Day with more negative TV ads that distort Gov. Nixon’s record.  
Please help us fight back and show him that our state isn’t for sale.  Donate whatever you can today, $5, $50, $500 so that we have the resources to stand up to this onslaught.
While Gov. Nixon is running on his strong record of working across the aisle and balancing budgets to bring Missouri’s unemployment rate to a four-year low, Dave Spence has resorted to bankrolling a negative campaign of attacks and distortions. 
Please, help us fight back against this onslaught of dishonest attacks ads.  Your support today will make sure we can get our message out, no matter the financial odds.

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Anonymous said...

It is one thing to run on other people's money but who spends six million dollars of their own money to be a Governor of a state? That is the ultimate power trip. That has nothing to do with representing the people.