Thursday, October 25, 2012

McCaskill campaign: Todd Akin one of five to vote against child nutrition program

(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

In 2004, the same year he voted to raise his own pay, Todd Akin was one of just five members of Congress who voted against renewing funding for several programs that are critical to making sure Missouri’s school children receive proper nutrition to help them get through the day. Akin’s vote against child nutrition programs, coupled with his vote to raise his own pay is a disturbing insight into the ramifications of Akin’s extreme beliefs for Missouri families. Despite Akin’s extreme opposition the motion passed 419-5.

Akin Was One of Just Five Members to Vote Against Reauthorizing Funding for Child Nutrition Programs at Schools.  On March 24, 2004, Akin was one of just five members of Congress to vote against the Boehner, R-OH, motion to suspend the rules and pass HR 3873 that would reauthorize such sums as necessary through FY 2008 for a number of child nutrition programs, including the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs, Child and Adult Care Food Program and After-School Snack Program.  The bill also required schools to develop wellness policies setting standards for nutrition education and physical activity and to set guidelines for food sold on campus.  The motion was agreed to 419-5.  [HR 3873, Roll Call 82, R 217-5; D 201-0, 3/24/04]

“It really tells you something about Todd Akin that he couldn’t find room in the budget to feed Missouri’s hungry school children, but he could find room in the budget for his own pay raise,” said Erik Dorey, McCaskill for Missouri spokesman. “It’s a fact of life that students can’t learn on an empty stomach and Todd Akin’s extreme beliefs would punish kids from middle and low-income families. Akin’s voting record makes it clear: he would not be a Senator on the side of Missouri families.”

Akin Supported Congressional Pay Raise in 2004. Akin voted in favor of a motion to order the previous question (thus ending debate and possibility of amendment) on adoption of the rule to provide for House floor consideration of the bill that would appropriate $89.8 billion in fiscal 2005 for the departments of Treasury and Transportation and related agencies. If the motion had been defeated, an amendment to block the Congressional pay raise would have been allowed.  The motion passed 235-170.  [H Res 770,Vote #451, 9/14/04]

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