Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Akin campaign: McCaskill trying to distract from her record

(From the Todd Akin campaign)

Today the Akin Campaign released the following statement in response to a new attack from the Claire McCaskill campaign. Once again, the McCaskill campagin is trying to find any excuse to not talk about McCaskill's record of supporting President Obama 98% of the time and the news reports about her family business receiving $40 million in taxpayer money while her husband was allegedly making business deals in the Senate dining room. 

"Claire McCaskill wants to make this election about anything but her record of a struggling economy, huge deficits, and big government expansions like Obamacare," said Ryan Hite, spokesman for the Akin campaign. "McCaskill also doesn't want this election to be about her record of getting rich on the backs of taxpayers while one in six Missourians is living below the poverty line. McCaskill was the deciding vote for Obamacare, she has voted to increase our federal debt by 74% in six years, and her companies received $39 million in taxpayer money while she was a sitting Senator. Do Missourians want six more years of Obamacare, deficit spending and cronyism or do they want more jobs and more freedom? That's what this election is about."

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