Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nixon: No more debates; Spence: He's afraid to face me

(From the Dave Spence campaign)

After weeks of lying to the media about a willingness to engage in substantive discussions with his opponent about important issues facing Missouri, Jay Nixon came clean yesterday and admitted that he would not do any more debates. Jay Nixon told KMOX’s Kevin Killeen yesterday that, “he had no plans for more debates."

    As is so often the case with Jay Nixon, his story on debates has changed over the last several weeks. Not wanting to be honest early, his campaign initially provided the following comments on debates.

  • Nixon's campaign manager, Oren Shur, said in an email this morning: "Gov. Nixon values debates, and in the coming days, we'll be in touch with the different organizations that have invited us and make a determination on the best course forward
  • "We look forward to continuing to discuss the issues on that front as the weeks and months go by," Nixon said, before catching himself: "I guess the month." "We will work with the organizations that are offering up those opportunities and work to talk to them about what those opportunities might be," he added, when pressed.
    “Jay Nixon will not debate me because he is unable to defend his failed record that includes: 79,000 fewer jobs since he took office, 107,000 fewer Missourians in the workforce since he took office, personal income at the lowest levels since 1994, Missouri ranking 50th in job creation, slashing hundreds of millions from education and hanging a for sale sign on the governor’s office,” said Dave Spence.  “Missourians are not better off than when Jay Nixon took office and they are tired of him lying about his record.  The fact that he couldn’t be honest about his plans for debates makes clear that he will say or do anything to try to get reelected,” Spence continued.

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