Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is the best Susan Montee can do?

I am not saying Peter Kinder is going to be re-elected, but if this is the best Susan Montee can do, we will have four more years of Kinder.


Anonymous said...

What a no effect dimwit you are. Just ran across this. Wow. Way to weight in with the heavy political insight. A quick, funny bit that works as a follow up to a campaign commercial that was post on YouTube. Right, this is all there was. She didn't campaign, give speeches, talk about the issues. Obviously, someone in her campaign made this and that was the that, the campaign was over for her. Go back to doing what it is you do best, cut & paste press releases onto a Facebook page.

Randy said...

Thank you for your clever response. I would guess you are the most popular person in your fifth grade class.

Anonymous said...

Nice comeback. And you didn't appear to cut and paste it from someone else's press release. Quite the accomplishment for you.