Thursday, October 25, 2012

McCaskill campaign unveils three new ads

(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

- On a conference call today, McCaskill for Missouri campaign manager Adrianne Marsh announced three new television ads, set to begin airing statewide, in which Missouri voters speak directly to camera about the reasons they’re supporting Claire in this election. In a continuation of the “Real Words” series that began Tuesday with “Real Words -- Veterans,” today’s ads highlight Claire’s support for the minimum wage, Medicare and middle-class families, a record that stands in contrast with the serious concerns voters have about Todd Akin’s positions on these issues.

WATCH: “Real Words -- Minimum Wage”
WATCH: “Real Words -- Middle Class”
WATCH: “Real Words -- Medicare”

“The goal of these ads is to let real Missouri voters speak about why they support Claire,” said Adrianne Marsh, McCaskill for Missouri campaign manager. “What’s clear from these testimonials is that voters know Claire is a champion for Medicare, the minimum wage and middle-class Missouri families, and they’re not alone when they have serious concerns about Todd Akin’s extreme philosophy that these programs are harmful to our country, when they are critical to strengthening Missouri’s middle class families.”

While Todd Akin has questioned Medicare's constitutionality and sponsored numerous proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher system, Claire's consistently been on the side of Missouri seniors and working families who want to responsibly bring down the national debt while ensuring that the safety net that many Missourians rely on remains intact. Claire understands we need to strengthen Medicare and Social Security, but she also knows that turning Medicare over to the big insurance companies and putting Social Security at the mercy of Wall Street is the wrong answer for Missouri's seniors.

In the Senate, Claire stood on the side of Missouri’s working families and fought to protect a strong minimum wage. Todd Akin has consistently opposed the minimum wage and said he would abolish it, despite the mainstream understanding from economists and analysts that such laws are critical for a healthy middle class and are good for the economy.

A fighter for middle-class families, Claire's worked hard to keep the economy moving in the right direction and creating jobs. In the Senate, she worked to cut more than $1.5 trillion in taxes for working families and small businesses, and she's gone against her party to oppose regulations that hurt our businesses.

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