Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ed Martin: Koster lying about what attorney general does

Thank heaven the election is only a week away. The following news release comes from the Ed Martin campaign.

Liberal Democrat Chris Koster must be confused about what job he's running for. In his overly-dramatic and egotistical TV ads, Koster repeatedly mentions his experience as Cass County Prosecutor. But Obama's Lawyer fails to mention that the role of Attorney General is not to be a prosecutor.

Former Attorneys General Jay Nixon and Jack Danforth had no experience as a prosecutor prior to serving as Attorney General, and St. Louis University Political Scientist Ken Warren disagrees with Koster's assessment of the office. Danforth, who has endorsed Martin, believes Martin will be a better administrator.

"I think when you elect an Attorney General, you’re not really voting for some positions on matters of public policy. You’re voting for a lawyer, a law office, and a way of putting a law office together," Danforth said. "I think this is what Ed offers. I think he’ll put together a law office that attracts very good people to it, and that is not so active in playing politics." (PoliticMO)

In a recent interview with St. Louis Public Radio, Ken Warren said:

“It is true what Martin is saying, It is basically an administrative job. The AG himself does not normally get involved in the act of prosecution.” (KWMU)

Republican Attorney General nominee Ed Martin is calling on Koster to set the record straight and stop deceiving the public.

“Chris Koster is lying to the public. The Attorney General is not a prosecutor. Go look at his official website – 'prosecuting' is not on there. He has departments for consumer protection, environmental litigation and the like, but no where does it mention anything about prosecution. He can pose for a picture holding a shotgun and pretend to be something else, but sooner or later the public will see through the blatant lies. Missourians deserve better from their Attorney General."

Furthermore, even while Obama's Lawyer Koster tries to claim his experience as a prosecutor makes him tough on crime, Missouri's problematic drug and crime issues are not improving under his term, as this fact check shows.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Ed: next time you look at the official AG website, click on the tab labeled "Law Enforcement."

It's always been there.