Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oklahoma rep: Tyson workers will bring jihad and death to America

(From Rep. Doug Cox, R-Grove)

Thanks to Tyson Foods, Inc., more than 300 Somali Muslims are living in Noel, Missouri. Tyson continues to bring in workers from Somalia, which the U.S. State Department calls a “failed state.” Americans continue to look for work, while Tyson brings in not only Somalians, but also workers from Sudan.

Too many people in our four-state area are on food stamps, Medicaid and welfare, while Tyson seems more interested in cheap Muslim labor from Africa. Perhaps that is telling us the government benefits for Americans are too rich—why work when you can subsist off of the tax dollars of those who do?

You can find a Mosque with an Imam leader in Noel. While Americans struggle to be allowed to say a prayer before sporting events and the Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom, Somalian Muslims have a history of walking out of the Noel Tyson plant, demanding religious accommodations to workers at the Noel plant. Their demand, which Tyson conceded to, was they be allowed time on the job for Islamic prayer. Muslims pray five times daily.

I feel sorry for the school board members, administrators and teachers in the Noel schools. The school system has become the de facto social services department trying to stem poverty in the immigrant households. Thank you, Tyson.

As a strong believer in free enterprise, I usually support less government regulation for industry. But really? Tyson’s policy of immigrant labor is creating more poverty in small town America, as well as dividing rural communities.

America has a proud history of religious freedom and being the land of opportunity. I value this freedom, but I feel immigrants should strive to become Americans. They should come to America because they want to be Americans.

Do you think these Somali Muslims woke up one day and said, “I want to be an American, and Noel, Missouri is certainly the place for me?” I doubt it. I suspect Tyson brought them here in the name of cheap labor and corporate profit.

The real answer to the issue? I challenge every one of you out there that is on social security disability but can work, that is on welfare because it’s easier than working, to get off your duff and go to Tyson Food, Inc. in Noel and apply for a job.

Tell Tyson you will give them a good day’s work for a good day’s pay. Let them know you do not need time off for Muslim prayer, that you know English and that you are a proud American who wants to see the company prosper so they can provide you with a wage so you can prosper, as well.
The monkey is on our backs, as well as Tysons, to eliminate the need for Somali Muslims before we get one of the Islamic radicals who want a jihad and death to America.


Anonymous said...

This guy. What an awful perspective.

Anonymous said...

This Republican from From Grove Ok. Writes in a third grade level, "all youans living high on the hog on that $600 a month disability are eating too much prime rib" the difference from the Somalis is they're able to speak several languages and are able to do math and follow directions, where the locals are fat and stupid.

Anonymous said...

At the same time President Reagan and many Republicans were financially and politically supporting the Polish Union Solidarity, in the US the meatpackers and many other corporations were busting the US Unions with the help and support of most Republicans and the Reagan adminstration.

Just as with the Reagan policies of arming and training the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, in Noel the chickens have come home to roost, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

That was such an elegant way to call Americans lazy bums and Somalians terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Go live in Noel before you judge this on its face redneck commentary. You might find out that even a redneck can have good insights.

Anonymous said...

Tell Tyson you will give them a good day’s work for a good day’s pay. Let them know you do not need time off for Muslim prayer, that you know English and that you are a proud American who wants to see the company prosper so they can provide you with a wage so you can prosper, as well.

a good day’s pay

lmfao It's Tyson he's talking about! Next week he'll tell his constituents to try the same at Walmart?

T-Runk Wade said...

Although I like that you are awake to this. The part about going there and getting a job for a white guy is laughable. I know some who have. The working conditions being surrounded by immigrant workers and immigrant bosses is too much pressure. They are unkind, unsociable, and the citizens is treated like a 3rd class citizen. It's too late to think that citizens can resume these jobs at a fair deal. Even the Human resources department is foreign. I had a friend work at the Noel plant and he made it six months. Until the Somalis treated him so bad he couldn't take it. He had to listen to them speak about him in their language while pointing fingers, he had to give them breaks for prayer of which they took no less than 20 to 30 minutes each time. The rules are not enforced for the muslim workers. He was totally isolated in a foreign world. You can't expect anyone to say not to disability and endure even more social and personal pain on top of the obvious physical pain that drove them to disability in the first place. Or even the welfare recipient to choose that kind of abuse and less benefits. I for example worked 38 years straight and paid my taxes. Then I had a spinal injury when a young man ran a stop sign and damn near killed me. I'm permanently disabled but I can do some yard work at my own home. If you think that I gave that 38 years of hard work and paying my SS dues so I can go to work with a bunch of Sharia loving Christian hating mongrels I don't know what bus you got off of. Besides not physically being able to, you need to be careful how you approach the SS/Disability issue. It's insurance that I bought all my life with my labor. I'll definitely campaign against you if you don't get your facts straight. Better yet. Get your happy ass down to Noel and apply. Then get back to me.