Monday, November 16, 2015

Greitens blasts Obama for Syrian refugee crisis

(From Team Greitens)

Eric Greitens, Republican candidate for Missouri Governor, released the following statement blasting President Obama for the Syrian refugee crisis:

If you want to help Syrian refugees, defeat ISIS. The refugee crisis is a consequence of the Obama administration’s failed strategy in Iraq and Syria. The administration has claimed that ISIS is “contained,” but if you ask the people who suffer from ISIS beheadings, terror attacks, and suicide bombs, ISIS is very clearly not contained, and with horrible human consequences. 

Unfortunately, the Obama administration failures and inaction also extend to their inability to properly screen refugees. As the FBI Director has recently pointed out, there is no way for this administration to properly vet refugees for ties to radical Islamic terrorist organizations, and this is happening at a time when a Syrian passport can be bought on the black market for $200. 

America has always been a land of liberty for those who flee from tyranny, but that has only been possible because of American strength abroad and competence at home. Unfortunately, this administration has exhibited neither. I’ve worked with refugees in Bosnia, in Rwanda, and around the world who see America as a beacon of freedom. No doubt many of those who are fleeing from Islamic terrorism see us the same way. If we really want to help them, then launch a campaign to defeat ISIS, and put in place a plan to properly screen refugees for ties to radical Islamic terrorist organizations."


Anonymous said...

Own the Neocon PNAC Republican fail Greitans.

The failed strategy in Iraq belongs to the co-Presidunces dICK chEENY and Dumbya buSHIT.

15 of the 19 Dubmya kept us safe from on 9-11 were from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the other 4 from Egypt, Lebanon and UAE.

So we invaded Iraq.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

10:28 PM: You're forgetting that we invaded Afghanistan first, which is where the 9/11 operation was run from, by a Saudi who was, shall we say, less than welcome in Saudi Arabia (replacing the rulers of Saudi Arabia was one of his goals). Are you the sort that punishes the parents for the sins of their children?

Iraq was a bleeding sore not resolved by "W's" father; you do remember the No Fly Zone? Saddam was a mad dog who needed putting down; I don't blame Bush and company for invading. I do blame Bush for making Bremer our proconsul there, and the latter ignoring his orders and screwing up so badly. Which were later redeemed by the surge, Anbar Awakening, etc. And I blame Obama for casually, maybe even maliciously, throwing away every single accomplishment of that period, including convincing Gaddafi to come out of the cold and surrender his WMD program to us, which told us invaluable things. After Obama and company killed him in return for improving his behavior, we can be very sure that will not happen again for a very very long time.