Thursday, November 19, 2015

$150,000+ age discrimination lawsuit filed against City of Joplin

A Joplin Parks and Recreation employee is suing the city for $150,000+ alleging age and disability discrimination and unlawful retaliation.

In the lawsuit, which was filed November 10 in Jasper County Circuit Court, Dickie L. Gray, 55, a facilities maintenance supervisor who has worked for the city for 31 years says that former Parks and Recreation Director Chris Cotton discriminated against him.

Gray claims his hours and managerial responsibilities were reduced without explanation and that he was "subjected to harassing and unwelcome treatment by his management, in particular his ultimate supervisor Chris Cotten."

The disability discrimination allegations stem from Gray's contention that he was treated differently by management because of his problems with blood pressure, depression, stress, and anxiety, all of which require medication.

After informing management of his need for accommodations because of those problems, his hours and responsibilities were cut, he was denied sick leave pay, and management asked that he turn over copies of all of his medical records, all of which are termed as retaliation in the petition.

Gray is asking for at least $75,000 in actual damages and at least $75,000 in punitive damages.


Anonymous said...

He is still an employee for the City of Joplin.

Randy said...

The post has been changed to reflect that. Thanks to you and the others who have let me know that.

Anonymous said...

Dickie is a great man. Hard working and loyal. It's a shame that Chris was allowed to get away with his treatment of Dickie. Shame on HR and the City Managment for letting it happen. I hope Dickie gets every penny.

Anonymous said...

Chris Cotton is a great manager. The only people that had a problem with him were poor performers. Taxpayers need to get ready to pay big $$$$$$ for all of the employees that do not want to do their job.

Anonymous said...

Chris Cotten a great manager?! Please!!! Do you know him? I do. Did you work with him? I did. Nice enough guy as long as he liked you. But no manager should play favorites. Had it not been for the tornado wiping out so much park property, no one would know his name. Let's not forget his lasting legacy of brining The Blasters to us. Nothing against the individual players, but the deal should never have gone down like it did. We will be paying that bill for years to come. And where is Chris now? Oh yah, that great manager recruited in some of his former employees from his past jobs and then left them here as he moved right on down the road. Heck of a team player that is. Because of his recruits we now have a Parks Dept Mgr with no ties to Joplin. Unlike employees like Dickie or Steve Curry who have lived here, have families here and are invested in our town. It's just a matter of time before Chris Cotten's recruit gets us another bad deal and then moves on down the road too. Just hope our long time employees survive.