Saturday, November 07, 2015

Billy Long spending 20 percent of his time in Las Vegas

FEC documents filed last month indicate that during the months of July through September, Seventh District Congressman Billy Long spent nearly as much time in Las Vegas as he did in the nation's capital or in southwest Missouri.

Long's latest financial disclosure report shows he was in Sin City at least the first three days of July, August 10-14, and September 16-23.

Among the expenditures detailed in Long's report:

-$9,950.08 to Wynn Las Vegas for lodging August 16
-$607.01  to Wynn Las Vegas for lodging September 21
-$8,364.92 to Wynn Las Vegas September 23
-$882 to Caesars Palace for event tickets September 17
-$184.97 to Caesars Palace for meal September 23

Another approximately $1,500 was spent for meals, taxi fare, and air travel.


Anonymous said...

Nice work if you can get it.

Taxpayers and voters ought to be fed up at the antics of A$$hole Auctioneer* and those who finance this lifestyle.

*Strong words, but anyone who was against tornado drills before he was for them deserves this salutation imo. Refresher: Billy Long made fun of tornado drills and co-sponsored legislation that would sell off HAM radio frequencies. Then the Joplin tornado happened.

Anonymous said...

Wish he'd move out there.

Blog said...

Ten grand for lodging??? That's a whole years' worth of my mortgage payments! I think that Mr. Long has lost touch with what Southwest Missourians think is appropriate. Time for him to go.

Anonymous said...

Randy thanks for covering Billy Boy's antics. No one else seems to. Got to love that sack of manure we send back to Washington every two years.

Billy Long - He puts your money where his mouth is!