Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Second part of KOLR Common Core report- more of the same

In the second part of KOLR's sweeps report on Common Core, reporter Nick Thompson explains what makes Common Core controversial.

Unfortunately, Thompson's report maintains the same problem that many other so-called "thorough" investigations of Common Core have.

The opposition to Common Core is being provided by the same person as in the first part of the investigation, Missouri Coalition Against Common Core founder Mary Byrne.

Otherwise, it is the same suspects speaking for Common Core, Chamber of Commerce representatives, local school administrators.

Consider this sample from the KOLR report:

Educators are divided on whether common core set realistic expectations for students.

"What was particularly upsetting to me was the requirement that students leave kindergarten being able to write a paragraph and read because that is developmentally inappropriate," said Missouri Coalition Against the Common Core Founder Mary Byrne.

That is an important issue and the opposition side was limited to one sentence.

Many veteran teachers I have talked with are opposed to Common Core, but dare not tell what they really think because of what might happen to them and their jobs. It is difficult for a reporter to get quotes from teachers and even more difficult for a television reporter to convince one to go on camera.

In Missouri, we have seen pressure from the state department and from administrators who were bought off early in the process by federal programs that provided more technology and more funding to school districts.

There is still a part three t come in KOLR's series, but I am not holding out much hope that it will do anything to fairly present the case against Common Core.

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