Friday, November 20, 2015

Taxpayers to pay for Joplin R-8 meeting of the minds

The late comedian Steve Allen was once host of a television program in which the great minds of history met and discussed issues from their times and from our time.

It was a fascinating idea for a program.

Imagine if Thomas Jefferson were to meet with Winston Churchill or Albert Einstein with Archimedes.

Or William Shakespeare and Mark Twain.

What stirring, intellectual conversations they could have.

Though those conversations will never take place on this plane, there are the rare occasions when great minds are tossed together.

And Joplin R-8 taxpayers made one such meeting of the minds a reality.

The bills scheduled to be approved by the Board of Education when it meets Tuesday include $489.08 for a double room at the Lodge of the Four Seasons during the Missouri Association of School Administrators conference for recently reassigned Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Testing, and Expensive Consultants Sarah Stevens and Executive Director of Elementary Education (straight from her command performance as principal of McKinley Elementary School) Jennifer Doshier.

Oh, the conversations those two must have had.

Steve Allen would be envious.

In another waste of taxpayer money, the board will approve spending $213.68 for Joplin Globe subscriptions.

The good news is this month's bills were not anywhere near as riddled with questionable expenditures as they have been the past several months.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could laugh at this, but I can't. I'm bringing home less than last year and can't make ends meet, and this is how my tax dollars are used? Wasted on two people without a brain between them, and who certainly did all they could to help destroy my place of employment.
I hope this nonsense stops soon and that inept administrators are simply removed from their jobs. I don't care if CJ protected them with two-year contracts. They can be fired for moral turpitude, which certainly applies to the former McKinley administrator. She was more than wiling to harass teachers and drive them out in order to be rewarded by Besendorfer. She should be gone by now.

Paul Fleming said...

READING THIS "ANONYMOUS"....IT WOULD SEEM TO BE THAT OF "CLEANING HOUSE" of the R-8/R-1 SCHOOL DIS {all of a sudden } I'm Getting Cut Off! Love To "FREE" Speech!

Paul Fleming said...

Yeah Right! Like I Was Trying To Say Before. After Reading " Anonymous said" It Would Seem To Be That Of "cleaning house" of R8/R1 school district Administrations and/or Council!

Paul Fleming said...

This All Is So Bogus!