Thursday, March 24, 2016

Billings students escape through side windows after bus plunges into flood water

Billings students escaped through side windows Thursday morning after their bus plunged into flood waters.

From KY3's report:

The accident occurred on Lambeth Road, just southwest of Billings and just off U.S. 60. next to a wooded area that is flooded. The water was over the road and barricades were at both ends by late Thursday morning. Billings Superintendent Cynthia Brandt says the barricades were not in place when the accident occurred. "It did have water on the road that she was going down, and she became stuck, and the bus was actually slanted; it tilted toward the fence," says Brandt.

Rescue crews at the scene say the driver reported strong winds pushed the bus off the edge of the road, and all the kids had to exit out a side window emergency exit because water was above the back and side door exits. No one was hurt, but some were shaken up, and emergency personnel were immediately called. Paramedics checked the kids out at the scene.

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