Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Nexstar official plans to improve KSN's local content, viewer experience

Nexstar Broadcasting, owner of KSN and operator of KODE, has hired a new local content director for its midwest stations, according to an article in AdWeek:

(Andy Miller's) new role will oversee Nexstar’s Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and North Dakota markets to focus on brand development, local content, leadership and the viewer/client experience. Nexstar says Miller will also “be responsible for executing and monitoring action plans aimed at achieving corporate and regional business objectives, growing ratings and revenue share and improving audience interaction and engagement with Nexstar’s broadcast and digital/mobile media platforms.”

“Andy brings to his new position a deep understanding of Nexstar and our approach to local news production and programming development, digital and social media integration, content monetization, strategic planning and brand positioning across multiple media platforms,” said Nexstar’s svp of Station Operations Blake Russell.


Anonymous said...

It"s about time you can watch the news on monday then watch on thursday and it is the same all they do is rerack it's no wonder everyone watches 7 not to mention the living hell show

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this official will take a look at the KODE Morning Show and suggest getting rid of Meathead Howie and Droop Faced Owen. Howie can't speak fluidly, the right side of Owens face looks like she has suffered a stroke, it just sits this motionless and drooping. I watched this morning and her interview with the guy from the Four State Fusion must go down as the one of the worst moments in local TV history. Worst segment ever. Poor interview, unprepared. Awkward. She had no idea what she was talking about.
They have a good on-air team at both KODE/KSNF with Jennifer Penate, Ray Foreman and Andy Searcy/Jessica Schaer, Stacey Garvilla and Eric Knecht, but the morning show crew needs to go.

Anonymous said...

After reading these comments yesterday, I made an effort to tune in this morning and watch the KODE morning show. My goodness, what a joke. I was up at 5:30 and for some reason, watched the first 30 minutes. It was so awful, I wanted to quit watching, but it was like a horrible car wreck, you couldn't help but keep watching to see what they would screw up next. I would ask just how much hair product Howie could get on his head, but I'm afraid he might try to top this morning. Then I started watching Katie's face and I caught myself staring waiting for her face to move. I honestly feel like they do not mesh together and it creates one big awkward mess. Horrible TV.