Friday, March 18, 2016

Citizens for Prosperity: Nixon disrespected workers by vetoing right to work bill

(From Missouri Citizens for Prosperity)

Today Governor Nixon continued his lack of support for Missouri workers by vetoing Paycheck Protection. The legislation passed the House with a veto-proof majority, so clearly the support across the state is on the side of making paycheck protection law here in the Show Me State.

After today's veto, AFP Missouri Deputy State Director Rachel Payton released the following statement:

"Governor Nixon's veto shows he no longer is paying attention to what Missourians want. Knowing that the legislation passed with a veto-proof majority, it is clear that the people have spoken. Missourians want paycheck protection and our organization will continue to make that clear to legislators. Missourians want more fairness in the workplace and this law would bring us one step closer. We have had activists across the state contact their legislators to show support of this legislation. Our efforts will continue with a true grassroots campaign."

Americans for Prosperity Missouri is the state's foremost group of grassroots activists advocating for limited government and economic freedom.


Anonymous said...

No, Nixon did not disrespect the workers in Missouri. If one does not want to pay union dues then they should simply not apply for union jobs. He protected the workers that want better pay and benefits obtained thru collective bargaining. Why should others get free services from a unions work? That is like making an attorney represent me for free.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the people who need union protection the most are tricked into opposing it.