Monday, March 28, 2016

Kimberling City Republican: Everyone I talk to wants "constitutional carry"

(From Rep. Don Phillips, R-Kimberling City)

The majority of people I represent in District 138 are gun-loving folks, (myself included). I’ve had numerous emails and phone calls supporting HB 1468, which would allow anyone with a clean record to carry a handgun concealed without a government permit. This is known as “constitutional carry.” Although the bill freely permits concealing a handgun, it is not as restriction-free as having a concealed carry permit. For instance, MO has a reciprocal agreement with most other states (there are 15 that don’t allow it) to carry a handgun concealed as long as the person has a permit to do so. That wouldn’t change with HB 1468. The concealed carry would only apply to Missouri without a permit. All states surrounding MO, except for Illinois, recognize our permit for concealed carry in their state.

HB 1468, would allow for those 18 yrs. of age and older to conceal a handgun without a permit as long as the person was lawfully able to do so. (Convicted felons would not be able to lawfully carry)Seven other states already have the constitutional carry and many more are working in that direction.

Here’s something many people don’t realize … Missouri is an “open carry” state, meaning it is legal to wear a handgun on the outside of your clothing, in plain sight, without a permit! HB 1468 is simply trying to marry that with being able to cover the handgun with clothing. With that said, I would not recommend walking into a business with a pistol holstered on your hip! What would most likely happen is a complaint would be filed for “disturbing the peace.” Even though it’s legal it isn’t welcomed in most places. It also makes it obvious you have a firearm and unless you’re well trained in gun retention, having a weapon in plain sight can create a potential problem.

HB 1468 would also allow a state employee to conceal a handgun in a state vehicle, providing the vehicle is locked.

I realize the push for freedom, but it seems to make sense to at least require a one-time, basic class in concealed carry at a minimal cost. That would allow a discussion of the legal aspects of the law and the obligations of the gun carrier. There are many responsibilities and ultimate legal issues necessary to understand, related to the proper and improper use of a firearm.

I will have to say though, that nearly all of those contacting me are in favor of HB 1468. I’m anxious to see it come to the House floor for debate. I also am concerned about amendments that may be added.

One representative, on the “other side of the aisle” has sponsored HB 1397, which is the craziest thing I think I’ve ever read when it comes to firearms bills! It’s a polar opposite of HB 1468 with all sorts of restrictions in place to even be able to purchase a firearm! As I replied to one concerned constituent, “We will witness the Lock Ness Monster swimming in Table Rock Lake with Sasquatch waving from the shore before we see HB 1397 become law!” Check it out; but be ready to shake your head in disbelief!

For more information, go to and select “Bill Info” and then “Bill Tracking.”


Anonymous said...

Your ability to cut and paste is mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

He wants to get rid of Conceal Carry permits but wants everyone who does to still take the class. What ever happened to responsible gun ownership? Apply for the permit, get the background check, take the class.