Wednesday, March 16, 2016

State Auditor calls for increased vigilance on Sunshine Law compliance

(From State Auditor Nicole Galloway)

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today called for increased vigilance by state and local government officials in complying with Missouri's Sunshine Law. Nationally, a coalition of organizations are participating in Sunshine Week from March 13-19 to call attention to government transparency.

"Too often our audits find government officials aren't taking appropriate steps to operate openly so that citizens can engage with the public decision-making process," Auditor Galloway said. "Sunshine Week is a great reminder that we have a shared responsibility to uphold Missouri's commitment to transparency. We know that strong accountability measures make for strong government, and my office will continue to shed a light on concerning practices when we uncover them."

Auditor Galloway's office released a summary of audit findings relating to Sunshine Law violations last fall in an effort to help officials improve operations. Among the most common violations found in Missouri government were discussion of topics in closed meetings that should have been open to the public and failure to prepare minutes for open meetings. The summary is available online here.

Auditor Galloway invites individuals to contact her office if they believe they have observed Sunshine Law violations at any level of Missouri government. Individuals may contact the State Auditor's Office at or 800-347-8597.


Anonymous said...

Free advertising for future campaign on taxpayer dime, go nameless auditor. You wait, she's running for something.

Randy said...

I find it fascinating that you, or someone else, has felt the need to make that comment or something almost exactly like it, every time I have posted an article from the state auditor.

Anonymous said...

It lies somewhere between fixation and fetish apparently.