Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fired R-8 employee's attorney to get a crack at Tina Smith

The attorney representing a fired Joplin R-8 employee in a sexual harassment lawsuit will have the chance to put the district's Chief Operating Officer Tina Smith on the hotseat.

Jasper County Circuit Court records indicate Kathy Dukes' lawyer, William G. Weber of the Pineville firm of Evenson, Carlin, and Cooper LLC, will depose Smith 1 p.m. June 7 in the Joplin office of the district's attorney Karl W. Blanchard.

The questioning will continue throughout the day and if more questioning is needed, it will continue the next day and any following days as needed.

Dukes' million dollar lawsuit was filed on February 10, 2015, less than a week before the district settled another sexual harassment lawsuit .

The lawsuit claims Dukes reported to human resources director (her title at that time) Tina Smith (pictured) that her supervisor, Herbie Coleman Jr., was sexually harassing and stalking her.

Six days later, Smith took decisive action, placing the alleged victim, Dukes, on paid administrative leave.

A month later, despite a notice that said Dukes' complaint had been confirmed, Smith pressured Dukes into quitting, holding the threat of a bad job reference over her head.

Smith and Superintendent C. J. Huff signed a document (shown to the left) in which Dukes swore not to sue for sexual harassment in return for a "neutral job reference" and four weeks of severance pay.

Dukes, a utility worker, and Coleman, her supervisor, "began a relationship as a result of an indication by Mr. Coleman that he was separated from his wife and was going through a divorce," according to the petition.

Dukes discovered that Coleman was not getting divorced, so she ended the relationship and asked Coleman "not to communicate with her outside of work.

After the relationship ended, Dukes said, she "began to suffer from multiple incidents of stalking and harassment at the hands of Herbie Coleman where he would stalk her after hours and harass her while at work about who she was with and where she had been after working hours,:

Dukes claims that Coleman went "as far as harassing her present boyfriend by sending him letters with false negative information about the plaintiff in an effort to break up the relationship between the plaintiff and her present boyfriend."

After a fellow employee told her she should talk to someone about the harassment, Dukes scheduled an appointment with Smith on December 13, 2013.

During that interview, Dukes told her story and played recordings of the harassing calls from Coleman, according to the petition. Smith said she would begin an investigation.

Six days later, Dukes was placed on administrative leave for allegations of misconduct.

On Monday, January 13, 2014, during what is described as an "uncomfortable meeting" between Smith and Dukes, "Ms. Smith, by way of pressure and coercion, talked Ms. Dukes into signing a mutual separation agreement and release."

During the meeting, Smith asked Dukes if she had looked for work and "don't you think it would be best if you found another place to work," adding "no one wants to work with you any more."

Smith also gave Dukes a letter in which she said her investigation indicated Coleman had violated board policy. "An investigation of the grievance has been completed and the district finds adequate substantiation exists to support an infraction of board policy.

"At Joplin Schools, we are committed to providing a learning and working environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. All participants in the educational process are expected to follow policies and administrative procedures of the district. Subsequently, the district has responded with the appropriate actionable measures."

Dukes signed the "mutual separation agreement" in which she "hereby releases and forever discharges the Joplin Schools Board of Education, its employees, its affiliates and subsidiaries, together with their respective directors, officers, agents, employees, and board of director, from any and all claims or other causes of action she may have against them relating to or arising out of Doris Kathrine Dukes' employment with Schol, including, but not limited to any claim of sexual harassment, or hostile work environment, or retaliation related to filing sexual harassment complaints, or any other cause of action related to her employment or her separation of employment, Missouri Statutes or Federal Constitution.

"The Joplin Schools hereby agrees to accept her resignation and will provide a neutral letter of reference consistent with policy. As and for additional consideration, the Joplin Schools shall pay the amount of $2,820.80 representing four weeks' pay less all required withholdings.

"As and for additional consideration herein, Doris Kathrine Dukes, hereby voluntarily resigns from her employment with the Joplin Schools, effective this date, January 14, 2014."

Count I of the lawsuit alleges wrongful discharge and violation of public policy and asks for $1 million in punitive damages.


Anonymous said...

I hope that evil Tina Smith gets her walking papers. She has caused enough trouble in this district. With a new board and a new superintendent, hopefully they will see how truly evil and scheming Smith really is.

Anonymous said...

The bad part is that they can't give a 'bad' reference. They're only allowed to confirm employment, duties, dates, and if they'd rehire that person. Stories like this are what had every district employee in fear for their jobs. Tina is not a nice person and doesn't deserve to keep her job after treating employees this way. Duke was the victim for goodness sake. She asked for help because he was violating district policy and she has to resign. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Tina Smith is a liar and a deceitful manipulator. Let's hope that Dr. Ridder sees her for what she really is, and gets rid of her. She was a Huff puppet, and is still pulling the strings. It's time for the district to rid themselves of her poisonous venom. She has way too much power, and is still manipulating behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Smith, Barlass, Dozier, Warren, Price, Johnson,......cut them loose

Also, there is no use for an assistant athletic director ......let the building principals get out and supervise.

Anonymous said...

Tina Smith is manipulative and evil. She breaks every HR law on the books! When is enough going to be enough? Come on Ridder - do the right thing. Show her the door!

Anonymous said...

It is time to get rid of this cancer that has eaten away the moral of the teachers and staff in the Joplin School system. She tries to belittle and intimidate people. Maybe she should take her own advice "don't you think it would be best if you found another place to work," adding "no one wants to work with you any more." No one likes her and she needs to be sent packing. Maybe with a police escort. Everyone still wants to know what type of "deal" was made to give her the title of C.O.O. especially since she doesn't have the credentials for such a position.

Anonymous said...

Truly, being relieved of her position at R8 would give Ms. Smith so much more time for her favorite hobbies, like "golfing" at Briarbrook, for example. Just "swinging" her days away...